Wrapped in comfort: Love Dress

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Photographed by Trine Hege Sæle Alnes



When ARV was founded back in 2014, we had a vision to create coats made of high quality Italian wool. Our first collections contained exactly that and coats have defined us ever since. Though coats are close to our hearts, we have started on a journey where we, one day, would like to offer a complete wardrobe to the conscious woman. 


Love Dress


Love Dress was first introduced in our SS16 collection, and soon became a favorite among our customers. The idea behind Love, pronounced [lʊəveə], was to design a dress that has the elements of a coat, but still functions as a dress. 





Love Dress

She can be worn loose or cinched at the waist with the belt. Her lightweight fabric, made of 100% rayon, wraps your body in comfort.


Love Dress

Although Love Dress is included in our SS17 collection, she is a dress that spans seasons. With her soft lines, elegant simplicity and feminine balance, we believe Love will add a touch of refinement to your wardrobe. She is a dress you can wear over and over again. 


Love Dress

At ARV we believe the customers have the right to know what their product costs to make.


In the illustration below you can see the true costs of making the Love Dress, and the price at which ARV now offers it to you compared to traditional retail stores. By saying "no" to retail stores and only selling Love Dress through our webshop we can sell her for a lower price. 


The difference between actual cost and ARV price is not all profit, it also covers our daily expenses as a business.  
Thank you for being a part of the journey!