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Meet Anne Birte Hanken

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Name: Anne Birte Bjørdal Hanken.

Age: 42 years.

Where are your from? Ålesund.

Where do you live? Ålesund. 

What are you currently working on? 

-Founder and General Manager of the coffee roastery Jacu.


What is your go-to basic in your wardrobe?

-Black high-waist skinny jeans. Because they go to everything. My days are in the production, at the office and in meeting with customers. With such simple pants I can wear a shirt, sweater or just a t-shirt and it works for everything and I can move quickly.


What’s the best part about being a mum?

-Now when the kids are a bit older, I find it quite amazing to see different personalities take shape. They are so different, so "themselves" with their talents, opinions and their behavior.

What is your favorite ARV garment?

-I love my pink Anna Shirt! And I use my dark blue Nohme Coat throughout the winter season. It's varm and I feel just glamorous in it.


What’s your favorite place to visit?

-We have a lot of fun with house swapping during the summer. Two years ago we spent one month in San Francisco. We loved the city because of all the inspiring small businesses. I always get so inspired by visiting other people’s life works and to see how much energy and personality that are put down in small businesses of different kinds.


 What’s your driving force?

-I've thought a lot about.I think it's the joy of creating something.


 Your 'must haves' in your purse when you travel?

I never wear a purse, I only have tote bags that i use on different occasions. I don't own a keychain, and it was a great relief to find out that I could keep my credit cards in my phone cover, and everything I need fit in my ARV jacket pocket. 

A book you plan on reading?

-I have had a special interest lately; different personalities in light of an ancient pattern called the Enneagram. So I've bought a book about it, plan to start reading it soon.


What's your favorite thing about Ålesund? 

-Seeing all the wonderful concepts and companies that are popping up now. I think it's so wonderful that Ålesund is full of entrepreneurs that live up to the reputation we have here in Sunnmøre!


Your favorite thing to do in the weekends?

-I'm always very happy if I can go on a hike with my family. 

Best way to de-stress?

-Be alone in the house (happens very rarely).


Coffee or tea?

-That's coffee, of course! Coffee has become my passion and my livelihood. Right now, I'm looking forward to this years harvest from Kenya that is on its way to the coffee roasting factory and can come any day now.


What country do you want to visit?

-Japan and India. 


Favourite food?


Check out Jacu here