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Meet Natalie Sandtorv

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Natalie Sandtorv

Name: Natalie Sandtorv

Age: 29

What do you do: Musician

Where do you live: Copenhagen, Denmark 

Where are you from: Ålesund, Norway

Natalie Sandtorv 

What are you currently working on? 

-I just released my new singel «FEARS»! 

And I’m playing at Jugendfest in Ålesund, in August. 


What is your go-to basic in your wardrobe?

-My Levis 501 jeans, they always makes me feel cool. 

Arv Stories: Natalie Sandtorv 

Favourite song?

-My favourite song right now is Waves by Kanye West.


What is your favorite ARV garment?

-Definitely Bali Top and Ulrikke Skirt. It was absolutely wonderful to wander around on hot summer days in Copenhagen in this outfit last summer. Looking forward to repeat it this year!


What’s your favorite place to visit?

-Berlin! The food, the energy and the relaxed atmosphere is just unique there. 

Natalie Sandtorv

Your must haves in your purse when you travel?

-My microphone, MAC matt lipstick and a face-mist that gives energy and freshness when I’m out traveling.  


A book you plan on reading?

-On The Road with Jack Kerouac is one of the books I’m planing on reading next. I’m also planing on picking up the Radka Toneff biography again, really enjoyed this book.


What's your favorite thing about Ålesund?

-How the canal moves through the beautiful architecture of the town center, houses and facades of the Art Nouveau style. It's very nice that you are surrounded by the sea and mountains wherever you look, something i miss when I’m traveling, because its quite unique. 

Arv Stories: Natalie Sandtorv

Coffee or tea?

-Coffee! No doubt in the world. Aeropress and served by my husband by the bedside every morning <3


What country do you want to visit?

-I really want to travel to Bali. It is so far away, and it seems like a zen place to be. But I'm very excited to go on a birthday holiday with my husband to Japan this fall! It is very exciting to travel to countries where culture is different from which you are used to. For example, Japanese people have a very cool sense of style, and it's like walking around in a fashion show in the streets there.


Favourite food?

-I am a pescetarian, so I love fish, shellfish and vegetarian food. The best I have made lately was a pasta dish with proseccosaus, blue cheese, parmesan and day fresh sea crab from the dock in Ålesund. But I´m also very fond of Asian food, like Vietnamese!

Check out Natalie`s new singel here
Thank you Hotel Brosundet for letting us have a photoshoot in your beautiful surroundings.