We at ARV have decided to make a change that we believe is for you benefit!
We will no longer sell our brand in traditional retail stores. This means saved cost for you as a customer.  

You see, by being in traditional retailers, our products were marked up to 6x by the time they reached the customers. By leaving retailers, and being only online and in ARV store, we eliminate unnecessary build up expenses from producing until our products are available for customers. We pass these saving on to you!

ARV is an affordable luxury brand, and we want to stay true to that. By taking this step, we make sure you don´t have to pay more than you have to.

We at ARV hope you also believe in this and that you love our bold move.



Storgata 4 (entrance on kipervikgata)
Ålesund, Norway



ARV is a design studio located on the west coast of Norway. It was founded in August 2013 by three sisters, or actually two sisters and their sister in-law. Their vision is to create clothes that represent purity, quality and comfort. ARV is the Norwegian word for legacy. 

The great-grandfather of the two sisters was trained as a tailor. He started his own clothing factory in 1926, called Tomren factory, where it was designed own collections for men and women. This was soon one of the leading Norwegian brands and had it's own flagship stores around in Norway. When Norway opened up for import, it affected the whole Norwegian fashion industry, and it lead to the closing of Tomren factory in the 1978.

From the beginning till the end, the business involved the whole family, and it is this legacy that inspired the sisters to start ARV.